Coyote County Loser. a romantic comedy for the loser in all of us

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Roswell N.M. Daily Record: “Coyote County Loser” opens in Roswell

(Coyote County Loser) drew heavy applause during the closing credits, and even a few tears were spotted as members of the audience exited the double doors.... Wayne Kay, a longtime Roswell Radio DJ, said he loved the movie. “How many movies do you see that make you feel good anymore?” For the full story, click here.

Fallbrook Calif. Village News: Praise for “feel good” movie

A packed house at the Landmark Theatre in Los Angeles gave a standing ovation recently at the conclusion of “Coyote County Loser,” a 92-minute feature film written by twin brothers Jacob and Lucas Roebuck... A clever story line, superb acting, excellent photography, great background music and editing have succeeded in producing a film for the whole family that emphasizes story rather than special effects. Young and old alike praise this “feel good” movie. For the full story click here.

Siloam Springs Ark. Herald-Leader: Uplifting and Entertaining

(Coyote County Loser) ... gave me hope for what movies have the potential to be: full of light and happiness and truth, not painting a rose-tinted view of life but not dark or depressing like so many movies this year have been. For the full story click here.

Conversant Life Review: Calling all losers

This film will captivate you and entertain you. You’ll find yourself laughing often and you may even experience moisture escaping from your tear ducts ...  Filmed in Roswell, New Mexico, it would only make sense that even an alien conspiracy weaves its way throughout the film, providing a comical side story. For the full story click here.

The Pugnacious Irishman Review of Coyote County Loser

The movie centers around two characters: Jack, a love-em-and-leave-em heart throb from LA, and Lauren, a down-to-earth country girl who demands high standards from men. ... This was a very funny romantic comedy with an excellent message about marriage. For the full story click here.

Chick Talk reviews Coyote County Loser

Everyone (meaning, women, men, adults, teenagers and the oldies) can get something out of this film. This film is funny, adorable and wholesome accompanied by a group of talented new actors, directors a great cinematographer and a couple of awesome producers to look out for. For the full story click here.